We live in a time where we push our bodies to extreme limits under the guise of being too busy, too stressed, or unhappy.  In order to get through our day, we subdue our emotional intelligence and self-care. We become human robots, maintaining a status quo. Depression, anxiety, and general states of unrest are at an all time high.  Rather than finding the root cause, we supplement our life with quick fix pills, and as many distractions as we can focus on.  I'm here to encourage and assist you in questioning this paradigm of thinking. 

Through modalities such as meditation, energy work, nutrition, and herbalism it's possible to create a state of homeostasis and harmony.  Balance! 


The world is raising it's vibration to compassion, understanding, and love.  Who better to give it to than yourself? 


Find your balance through the mind-body connection

..::Ascension of azurite::..

Healing stones carry a vibrational pattern that allow for energy shifts.  Azurite in it's beautiful deep indigo shade activates the third eye and crown chakra allowing for a deeper connection to the divine source. The accession of azurite is a grid I create to represent the deepening of the connection to divine.